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The 5 Best Tool Chests (2021 Review)

Best Tool chests are the perfect storage choice for homeowners who desire an irreversible location to keep a great deal of tools. Read our review listed below to learn more about the very best tool chests offered. The items included in this short article are offered at various house enhancement shops, regional house centers, and online sellers like Amazon.

The 5 Best Tool Chests (2021 Review)

In this article, you can know about best tool chest here are the details below;

Tool chests, similar to tool bags or tool kits, enable you to keep all of your tools in one location. They often appear like a cabinet with drawers and have wheels so that you can easily push them around. The greatest advantage of choosing a tool chest over other storage alternatives is that you get more storage space, making it ideal for house owners with a large collection of tools.

To discover the best tool chest alternatives on Amazon and what functions to try to find in each, read our evaluation below.

Best Worktop: Seville Classics 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinet

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This tool box from Seville Classics doesn’t just save your tools– it likewise comes with a wood top, enabling you to pull out your tools and finish your tasks on top of the chest. If you cannot use the worktop for your project, you can utilize the chest’s wheels and handle to move it to where you’re working.

Secret Functions

– 28 inches long x 18 inches deep x 34.5 inches tall
– Loading capability of 300 pounds
– Steel body and wood worktop
– 6 drawers and 4 wheels
– Front manage
– Lock and key

What Consumers Are Saying

Over 300 customers have actually provided this product a typical ranking of 4.6 stars on Amazon. Eighty-seven percent of these clients offered the tool chest a rating of 4 or 5 stars. While this tool kit costs more than the other ones in this review, consumers felt like the price deserved it because the tool chest is durable and made from stainless steel. One common problem was that the tool chest was challenging to assemble.

A Lot Of Storage: Husky Extra Deep 46-Inch 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

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This product includes more drawers than your basic tool chest. Not just does it have nine drawers, however the drawers are deep at almost 30 inches, offering you with more storage space. Because of its large size and durable, steel building, it can hold up to 1,100 pounds of tools inside.

Secret Functions

– 50.5 inches long x 28.8 inches deep x 34.3 inches high
– Filling capacity of 1,100 pounds
– Steel body and wood worktop
– 9 drawers and four wheels
– Side manage
– Power strip with 4 outlets
– Lock and secret

What Clients Are Stating

This product has only 50 client reviews, but 90% of the evaluations rate the item 4 or 5 stars, giving it a typical ranking of 4.6 stars. Customers stated this tool chest was big enough to fit all of their house improvement tools, consisting of hand tools, power tools, and fasteners. They likewise stated that the drawers opened and closed quickly. Nevertheless, a couple of consumers stated that it took longer than anticipated for their tool chest to get here.

Best Worth: Keter Rolling Tool Chest

best tool chest

This tool chest is suggested for property owners who desire a fast and simple solution for clearing their work space of tools. It comes with 5 drawers that have removable bins, enabling you to organize your storage space, four detachable wheels, and side deals with for bring.

Key Functions

– 22.1 inches long x 11.3 inches deep x 23.5 inches tall
– Made from plastic
– 5 drawers and 4 removable wheels
– Four side handles
– Anti-slip top
– 16 removable bins for organization

What Consumers Are Saying

Just over 400 Amazon customers have actually reviewed this item and give it a typical rating of 4.3 stars. Eighty percent of those evaluations are 4 stars or greater. Consumers said that although the tool chest is made of plastic instead of metal, the plastic is thick, which makes it feel more resilient. Customers also liked that you could stack a number of drawers on top of each other. Nevertheless, some consumers believed the Amazon product photos were misleading and made the tool chest look bigger than it is.

Best for Paralyzing Tools: Artisan CMST82765BK Tool Chest With Drawer Liner Roll

best tool chest

This tool chest features a drawer liner roll that can be cut to fit all 4 drawers and prevent tools from rolling around. While this tool chest isn’t especially large, it’s made of thick steel and can hold up to 500 pounds.

Key Functions

– 26 inches long x 18 inches deep x 32 inches high
– Load capability of 500 pounds
– Made of steel
– 4 drawers and 4 wheels
– Roll of drawer liner
– Lock and secret

What Consumers Are Stating

This item has an average rating of 4.1 stars from roughly 150 customers on Amazon, with 77% of those clients offering it a rating of 4 or 5 stars. Consumers stated this toolbox had whatever you might desire for tool storage. It has numerous drawers for storage, a liner roll to prevent tools from rolling around, wheels for transport, and a lock and secret for security. However, some consumers got a damaged tool chest.

Many Versatile: Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

best tool chest

This item can be a tool chest or a tool kit. If you’re dealing with a job that needs more mobility, you can fill package on the top with the tools you require and remove it from the chest. Another special function of this combination tool storage alternative is that the tool kit connects in more than one location. You can put it on top of the tool chest or outdoors space below the two drawers.

Key Functions

– 13 inches long x 24.5 inches deep x 43.5 inches high
– Load capability of 242 pounds
– Offered in red or black
– Made of steel
– Two drawers and open space on the bottom chest
– Four drawers and an open top on the removable box
– 4 wheels
– Side handle on the bottom chest and two side deals with on the detachable box
– Lock and key

What Customers Are Stating

Near 400 customers have actually offered this item a typical score of 4.2 stars, with 77% offering it a ranking of 4 or 5 stars. Favorable evaluations stated that this tool chest was durable, long lasting, and relatively compact, fitting conveniently into tight areas. Nevertheless, more than one customer got the product without its key, and if they completely closed the top portion of the tool chest, they weren’t able to access it.

Purchasing Guide

Tool chests are indicated to hold a variety of tools, but some offer more storage and versatility than others. From mobility to security, here are a couple of elements to think about prior to buying a tool chest.


Tool chests are long and can weigh a couple hundred pounds, so they may not be the very best alternative if you’re intending on bring your tools from location to place. However, if you’re dealing with a fixed project, having a chest with wheels enables you to move the chest over to the task instead of bring individual tools back and forth from your work area to the chest.


A lot of tool chests use storage in the form of drawers. There are two characteristics to think about with these drawers: size and number. A tool chest with a mixture of both little and big drawers will permit you to store tools of all sizes. You’ll also want to examine how many tools you have to determine the number of drawers you need in your tool chest.

Steel density

A lot of tool chests are made from steel, however the steel’s density will vary of chest to chest. If you have a lot of complex tools to store, you’ll desire a thicker, more resilient steel gauge of about 15. If you have any tools, 18- or 19-gauge steel should suffice. Have in mind that the thicker the steel, the much heavier the tool chest will be.


Standard tool chests have a several drawers for storage. Nevertheless, you can also get a versatile chest that has a wood worktop or a removable leading half that functions as a toolbox. For instance, the Seville Classics and Husky chests in this review are examples of tool chests with worktops, and the Goplus 6-Drawer is an example of a chest with a detachable top.


Many tool chests will have a lock and secret to unlock and lock its drawers. This included layer of defense can avoid theft of your tools. If your lock stops running, read the owner’s handbook that features your tool chest to learn how to replace it.

Slide type

There are two kinds of slides used to open and close tool chest drawers: ball-bearing and non-bearing. Ball-bearing slides have ball or wave bearings that provide for a smooth, simple, and peaceful open. The downside to these slides is that they are more costly than non-bearing, or friction slides. Non-bearing slides work on filing alone and are less effective than ball-bearing slides, however they reduce the general expense of the chest.

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