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DIY Button Magnets That You Can Use As Decorations

This ppst will explain diy button magnets. It’s the little things that typically make life better, and minor and easy DIY tasks and crafts provide a lot of complete satisfaction. Today we will explain you how you can very quickly make beautiful decorations out of buttons and magnetic tapes, which you can use to add a little bit of beauty and style to your home.

You can have these adorable magnets showed on the fridge or utilize them as designs for tin can planters, pencil holder’s, and other things made of metal. What’s great abouts this project is that it does not tape up a great deal of time and only requires a few easy and low-cost resources to make.

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Materials you’ll require for button magnets:

– Hot glue

– buttons in various sizes

– scissors.

– magnets.

– mini strass flower decor.

How to craft the button magnets:

Action 1: Gather your supplies.

This tutorial show’s you how to make three lovely button magnets, and each one requires three various buttons, so you’ll need 9 of them overall. Naturally, if you wish to make more of these designs, you’ll require more materials, so plan appropriately.

Action 2: Stack 3 buttons on top of each other and glue them together.

You need to prepare a few magnets in 3 various sizes and get enough of each kind so you can have them organized in tribes: a huge one, a medium-sized one, and a little one. You need to glue the medium button on top of the large one, perfectly focused. Utilize a small dab of hot glue for this. Then take the little control can glue it on top of the medium button.

Action 3: Glue a little flower accessory on top of the small button.

The small flower designs are implied to be added on top of the little buttons to conceal the tiny holes in the center and to make the style simply a bit more pretty and charming. You might be able to discover self-adhesive decors; however, if not, you can constantly only use a hot glue weapon.

Action 4: Measure and cut an piece of magnetic tape for the back of the big button.

At this moment, the natural button decoration is done, except you won’t be able to stick it on the fridge or other metal surfaces just yet. To do that, you’ll need to measures and cut a piece of magnetic tape huge enough to fit on the backside of the big button.

Action 5: Glue the tapes onto the back of the button.

Usage hot glue to connect it simply to make certain it won’t peel. The adhesive that it features will most like not be strong enough, plus the tape won’t sit perfectly flat on the button. The glue will fix all these issues.

Action 6: Add two more littles taps to make a plus sign on the back.

To guarantee that the button ornament sticks perfectly onto the metal surface area no matter how you focus it, you need to cut two smaller-sized littles magnetic tape that you can place to the left and theoretical side of the currently existing piece of tapes. Aim to make an plus sign on the back of the buttons and to create a larger location that the metal can abide by.

Glue these two additional pieces of tape onto the button much as you finished with the other one. Make certain they’re not too huge and don’t stand out when you take a look at your button decor from the front. Trim them a bit if required.

Action 7: Repeat the procedure and make more button magnets.

Now that you know hows it’s all done, you can continue to makes more of these stunning button magnets. Take 3 more buttons, this time in a different colors combination perhaps, glues them together, and add a little flower ornament on top. Add the tape on the back similar to what you did previously.

Action 8: Try various color mixes and pair three more buttons together.

Given that this is a trine button magnet, you have one more to go. Experiment with other combinations of colors and various types of buttons and glue three more together, with a little flower accessory on the top just as previously. Add the tape, which’s it, and you have three beautiful magnets that you can utilize as designs however you desire.

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