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20 Of The Best And Most Stylish Indoor Planters For Every Size Plant

In this article, you can know about indoor flower pots here are the details below;

1 of 20 :Cotton Rope Plant Basket

$ 38.00.

Often the easiest method to dress up a plant is to put it in a woven rope basket, like this one. Just raise it out to the water and drain.

2 of 20 :Modern Geometric Ceramic Planter.

Rivet amazon.com.

This planter dishes out a subtle pop of pink and a cool, all-over geometric pattern, too.

3 of 20 :Bogolan Bauhaus TWIST plant pots.

xNStudio etsy.com.

$ 40.00.

These hand-painted choices take easy plant pots to a whole brand-new level.

4 of 20 :Bluetooth Speaker Plant Pot.

Okearin amazon.com.

$ 69.99.

Desire your desk plants to do a double task? Put them in this simple, smooth white planter that is also a light and a Bluetooth speaker.

5 of 20 :Atlas Cork Hanging Planter.

mindthecork etsy.com.

$ 48.00.

This minimalist hanging planter is really constructed out of cork, making it incredibly light so you can hang it anywhere!

6 of 20 :Adriana Planter.

Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com.

$ 69.00.

This tall, tiled planter will add an pop of color and personality to your area.

7 of 20 :3D-Printed Wood Planter.

MinimumDesign etsy.com.

$ 19.10.

This planter, with its super-precise geometric cutouts, is 3D printed and made with genuine wood.

8 of 20 :Closed Mondays Hanging Planters.


$ 102.00.

Plants currently perk up an area. However, the splashes of color on these planters will take it to the next level.

9 of 20 :Self-Watering Plant Pots.


$ 14.99.

For those of you who constantly kill your plants, I provide you: a self-watering planter. It makes all the effort for you.

10 of 20 :Geometric Metal Plant Hangers.

Mkono amazon.com.

$ 32.99.

Give your hanging plants a little geometric flairs with these white and gold hanging pots, which features circular and diamond-shaped frames.

11 of 20 :Grecian Bust Pot.


$ 42.00.

Turn your area into its own little art museum by planting greenery and flowers in this Grecian bust pot.

12 of 20 :Seaway 2-Piece Ceramic Planter Set.

World Menagerie wayfair.com.

$ 33.90.

These pink planters include an enjoyable textural component– a ’70s esque rainbow pattern inscribed into everyone.

13 of 20 :Engelman 2-Piece Iron Hanging Planter Set.

Orren Ellis wayfair.com.

$ 53.99.

These curved hanging planter’s totally shine in a textured nickel finish.

14 of 20 :Modern Planter With Acacia Wood Stand.

Fox & Fern amazon.com.

Mid-century contemporary fans will appreciate this streamlined, simple planter, which comes with a wooden stand.

15 of 20 :Herringbone Pots.

Art in the Forest westelm.com.

$ 20.00.

These small hand-painted herringbone patterns pots have a brightly-colored within (hello, teal!) and little legs that add interest.

16 of 20 :Aluminum Planter.

MODN LOVR amazon.com.

$ 42.99.

For a simple pop of warmth and shine, go with this aluminum plant pot in copper.

17 of 20 :3″ Round Concrete Pot.

MadeByRheal etsy.com.

$ 15.00.

Are you searching for an easy, industrial pot for small plants like succulents? Look no further.

18 of 20 :Jeva Planter.


$ 398.00.

For larger plants and trees, this high, textured planter is a terrific alternative that proves neutrals can still make a statement.

19 of 20 :Small Natural Rattan Woven Planter.


$ 775.00.

Legs offer your plant a little lift, while rattan woven all the way around the planter gives your space more texture and warmth.

20 of 20 :Small Hanging Planter.


$ 550.00.

This streamlined, powder-coated steel pot is a modern-day take on the normal hanging planter.

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