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A Gorgeous Macedonian Apartment With Rocky Accent Walls

This post will explain apartments with rocky accent walls. This stunning apartment from Tetovo, in The Republic of Macedonia, has a very distinct interior design that utilizes something we do not frequently see inside your home: rocky surface areas and textures. The house was created in 2020 by LD Studio and it looks spectacular.

It’s not really loaded with little details that stand out. Instead, it includes a series of bigger surface areas that develop striking centerpieces, like the lovely rhythm wall in the living room or the kitchen area backsplash.

A Gorgeous Macedonian Apartment With Rocky Accent Walls

In this article, you can know about apartment with rocky accent walls here are the details below;

In a manner, this design brings the inside your home inside but not in a common method. It’s not filled with plant and it does not focus much on the views however rather creates its own unique environment. It emits a mountain-inspired vibe and has a particular cave-like feel too but it’s not dark or gloomy. It’s bright and open and keeps many of the normal characteristics of a contemporary apartment. The living-room, kitchen area and dining area are integrated into a single large area. Furthermore, you can likewise see an island with a table extension that perfectly blends 2 areas into one. The sectional couch defines a good lounge area dealing with the TV wall.

The rest of the places are just as amazing in a likewise simple way. The master bedroom has its own rocky wall perfectly highlighted by subtle accent lighting. The texture and special pattern stand apart no matter what angle you see it from. The designers didn’t go overboard with making use of this rocky wall design. They created the rest of the house with a controlled and grey-based color pattern that matches the style. That likewise works actually well for the kid’s room which is truly adorable and lovely without being extremely colorful.

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