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What Is Brickmold For Exterior Doors?

The first thing somewhere sees when they visit your house, aside from the overall view, of it is the front door. Because of this, it is important to make certain that your front door is presentable and represents your taste. While there are many of things you can do to amp up a door, facing is one of the most convenient methods. Front can go on door, and so can a famous kind of dealing with called brickmold. This kind of dealing with is popular for a reason.

What Is Brickmold?

Have a look at a few front doors. In reality or online. Opportunities are, on more than one of them, there is a frame around the door. This frame is known as brickmold. It serves lots of purposes, from aesthetics to weatherproofing. Cords Company with Bungee Cable & Wine Cork Not all brickmold is the same, however. There are various materials, colors, and thicknesses. There are even different styles on some brickmolds. So you can’t simply just request brickmold without knowing what you want.

Is Brickmold Made From Brick?

The best answer is that “no” brickmold is not made from brick. Despite the name, brickmold is made of materials, which we will talk more about later on. Today, you might be wondering why it is called brickmold. While no one truly knows where the term brickmold originated from, it can be assumed the name originates from the siding it covers. Brickmold was made to secure the brick around windows and doors. Thus, the name “brickmold,” was born.

Brickmold Door Vs. Door Without Brickmold

Obviously, not all doors have brickmold. Some do, some don’t, but which is much better? While everybody has their own choice, we can break down a few bottom lines to help you choose which one is much better for you. Sturdiness Of course, including a layer to your doorframe can make it more long lasting. There is 1 more layer for things to get through, so the door itself will last longer. This 1 is a given and brickmold wins quickly. If the brickmold is built in, it will be much more long lasting since the manufacturer made it to be one piece. They weren’t originally, however the brickmold, in this case, will be rather safe and provide a lot of security. Stability Stability and toughness are two various things in this case.


If you have pets, you understand what this implies. Pet dogs are attracted to things like brickmold and will continuously chew on the bottom. This leaves you with an awful frame. However it isn’t just pets. The bottom of brickmolds can get rather unclean and become difficult to clean. This made your door view unattractive and dingy completely, which isn’t an advantage. You will require to clean it routinely.


rather there is an added layer, having brickmold can prevent your doorframe from getting wet and your hinges from rusting. Nevertheless, brickmold might not be able to manage strong winds and this will need repair work. Even if you secure metals from rust, wood on the brickmold can mold. You can find out to eliminate mold from wood, however any kind of mold isn’t perfect to have around.


If you were a burglar and saw 2 doors, one with brickmold and 1 without brickmold, which would you select to rob? The one without brickmold. Though it is not important for this, brickmold can hinder burglars. Even if one does finalize to go for it, having to take the brickmold off, in any case, can take longer and provide you more time. The brickmold may not over the locks, but it can cover access to them. Expense Another apparent win, but in favor of no brickmold. Adding brickmold just adds another expense. Nevertheless, this is the upfront cost, it isn’t understood whether you will save cash in the future for having brickmold security.


There is a good chance that needing to replace your door faster will cost more than the upfront expense of getting one with brickmold. But this has not been proven or study, so it will be on a case-by-case basis. Looks This may be the most crucial thing to consider. in case all of these other things can be important, the way that brickmold looks should take concern. You must make your choice based on which one you like the appearance of. No brickmold can look modern and simple, however it can also look vintage.

However, brickmold doors can look cottage-like or contemporary due to the geometric shape of the brickmold. Brickmold Products Although brickmold isn’t made from brick, it isn’t constantly made from the exact same material either. There might not be a wide range of true brickmold today, however there are options so you’re not locked into one kind. Wood There are two type of wood brickmold. There is softwood, which works fine for inside your home, and wood, which is what is suggested when using wood outdoors. Hardwood brickmold is beautiful and power .


Vinyl is 1 of the most popular types of brickmold and it can work for any type of door. It is cost effective and simple to find. Vinyl brickmold is simple to deal with and is normally white. Nevertheless, it can be discovered in different colors.


PVC is really comparable to vinyl and can be discovered at the same shops. It works astonishingly outside on exterior doors and is weatherproof. PVC is typically advised for front doors due to the resilience of it on brickmolds. Metal Not all metals are produced equal. While stronger metals are great for other functions, metals like aluminum work well for brickmold. Though not as ordinary as vinyl, wood, or PVC, metal brickmold is available.

How To Install An Exterior Door

If you are buying a new door yourself and wish to install it self, then best for you. Here are the standard steps you can take to set up a door that comes total with a frame and molding or facing. Step Space The first step is to determine the door or space you have. If you are developing a home, measure the door you want to utilize. If you are changing an old door, measure the space after you eliminate the old door.

Develop The Frame (if new frame).

If you are building from scratch or including a brand-new door, you’ll need to construct a frame. This is a completely different guide, but it isn’t all that tough. The most vital part is to make certain all 4 sides are level. Test The lot. Whether this is a best frame or not, you require to check the size prior to dedicating to putting the door. It’s okay if there is a little bit of space, this is normal. But don’t hammer the door in otherwise you might break the glass. Make Modifications.

If you learn that your doorframe is too large then include two-by-fours or change the ones that you have. If it is too little, you’ll require to broaden the frame with a saw and add the two-by-fours back for the frame. Use Caulk. When you make sure the best is right, apply caulk to where the door will go. This is not for permanence, it’s so the door will stick while you’re dealing with it and will have weatherproofing in places you cannot reach later. Shim. Shimming is a strategy used to include support to a door and keep things stable. They fill small spaces that are required in order to fit the door.

You can buy wood shim boards for an extremely low price. Get plenty of them. Screw Frame In. It’s a great idea to screw the frame in at this point. You can do momentary anchors or do the last screws. When you do the final screws, make certain to do as lots of as the manufacturer recommends, Just don’t put so many that you break the frame. Set up Hinges. After you slender the frame in, you can operate hinges in the door if they aren’t currently in. detach the door before screwing the frame in is a best concept if you currently tested the door to make certain it fits right.

Caulk The Gaps.

Caulk all the way around the door vs the shims. You don’t want any air to discover its way through the gaps so do this part effectively. Do not overfill however make sure you cover every inch for best outcomes. Cut The Shims. Now you can cut of the shims so that they are excite with the frame. You need them to be flat so that you can apply the dealing with later on. You can either utilize a knife or a Sawzall to do this. Apply Dealing with. This is where you apply the dealing with or the brickmold.

Use finisher nails for the interior and screws for the outside. You can usually leave one nailed in if you have a set. This will keep the door steady while working anyway. Set up Lock. Finally, install the new hardware, including the doorknob and lock. You might have some adjusting and testing to do prior to you can call it a day, however this will be your last action. You have actually just installed your first front door!

Brickmold Frequently asked questions. Here are the most asked questions about brickmold. Isn’t It Called Brickmould? Yes, brickmould is the original method to spell it and it is the existing UK spelling. But considering that the word “mould” is spelled “mold” in American English, brickmould was altered to brickmold for American English also. Just How Much Does Brickmold Expense? Getting brickmold will add regardng $100 and $150 to the setup and material expense of a front door. This can end up being someplace between $400 and $1200 in overall, depending upon labor and the kind of door you choose.

How Wide Is Brickmold?

Although you can get customized sizes and a variety of set sizes, the majority of brickmold is between 2 and 4 inches. Any bigger and it will be too thin and could split. Any thinner and it will not use any of the advantages it should. Can I Get Brickmold Already Built-In? Yes. Nowadays, a lot of outside doors and a great deal of interior doors included a doorframe and brickmold built-in. This does not necessarily contribute to the expense of the door because many doors will come like this if they are brand-new. Do I Required Briclmold? No, you do not need brickmold. Nevertheless, it is advised due to the additional security it uses. It isn’t easy to weatherproof a door without brickmold and it can leave a door looking incomplete much like the absence of trim can.

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